Following on from part 1 yesterday...

"The Aussie 'skater of the year' party occurred a couple weeks back. It was a pretty big affair with a club being rented out, bands, and if you was lucky enough to have a wrist band, free booze all night (thanks Featch). Honorary Englishman Brophy came out on top and collected $5000, then after everyone raged on late into the night, playing didgeridoos and gambling their dollars away..." - Horsey.

Brophy collecting his prize.

Trying to poach a photo Brophy.

Homeboy had a Death tattoo.

Jeff and lady friend.

3 long haired rippers.

Featch to girl "Troy has a wife" - hahaha!

Yason, Schooner and Alan Mang.

Dane pointing to his name on the list. I think he came 2nd. He kills it so hard.

T West and Markitos at the slots.

I think Todd helped Jake win like $200.

Didgeridoos for life!

Alans breakfast.

Morning dip in the pool...

More to follow...