"G'day chaps, I'm here down under staying in Sydney at Schooner's penthouse in the hills. We had a bit of rain for a week but pretty much every other day is schoorching hot, which has caused fires down south where it's been like 45 degrees.

Sharks are heavy lurking everyday so you gotta watch out - just today someone got their leg chewed on in the sea. That's 3 in 3 weeks!

During the week we skate, swim in the sea, go fishing, have BBQ's and drink long necks. At the weekends the usual shenanigans occur downtown as they do in London. The skaters all go to this bar in the gay area in Oxford Street called 'The Brighton Bar' or across the road next to a fetish club called 'Oxford Art Factory'. Both places get 2 horsey thumbs up!

I have no real news apart from Richie is ripping and Dean Palmer is the best skateboarder my eyes have ever witnessed. Oh, and big ups to Brophy 'cos he won skater of the year!" - Horsey.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - what a beaut!

Uncle Shooner in his house.

Max and Richie Jackson.

Just like in England, when it rains we skate carparks. Adam Jackson and Featch double up tre flips.

Switch frontside flip to "where's Dibble?"

Schooner got a camera when he hurt his knee and has just got into taking skate photos. Check his Flickr out - http://www.flickr.com/photos/kriswg

2 fine gentlemen - Rhys Grogan and Schooner.

Birds everywhere.

Featch and a pooch.

At some spot called 'The Art Factory'

Chima is pimping!

Ook with his Ook tattoo.

By the end of the night they weren't looking too fine.

I don't remember taking this.

Goodnight Featch.

More to follow...