The second part of Scott 'Horsey' Walkers blog from his recent stay in Costa Mesa as part of his ongoing travels.

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This is my mate Nick at Candies birthday. I dunno how this happened but it's probably the best photo I've ever taken.

Birthday girl.

Hot sauce shooters with Scooter.

New loft means access to the roof...

...which means a new drinking spot for Kyle!

I met up with Melcher in L.A for the day because I was flying out to Sydney that night. This is the view from his roof. He has a pool, BBQ, hot tub and theres like little sexy tents for getting wild.

His house is full of wonderful bits n bobs.

The 2 genius's behind, Kyle and Todds birthday's were 2 days apart and they made each other these lovely cakes.

So now Im in Oz hanging out with Schooner and the Featch. It's hot as fuck everyday and there's bush fires raging down south, so I will hit you up with some photos soon! - Horsey