As soon as Feb comes it's too cold, wet and snowy to do anything so I had to make sure I got away. I dislocated my toe in October so not much skating has been happening which obviously sucks but it made me get busy doing some work and saving some cash.

When I booked my ticket I got a bit excited and booked it for 2 weeks in California then 6 in Sydney, Australia then back to L.A for 6 more weeks. Living off 10 dollars a day in America is way easier than you would think thanks to Taco Bell, and Charles Shaw has your back with the $2 bottles of wine.

I have been staying in Costa Mesa which is like 40 minutes south of L.A at my mate Todd's warehouse. I got a sofa to sleep on and my boy Kyle Green has the floor. Days consist of drinking some coffee for breakfast, hassling Todd as he tries to work, going to the beach and skating at the Volcom park. Appleyard rolls by most days to hang out and praise jah and work on posts for the 'Dank Nuggzz' website..." Horsey

We invented this hot new game called tre ball or loft ball which is basically throwing rolled up paper bags into bins for money.

Basic 'Tre Ball' ingredients.

So it's 1 point for the top big bucket, 2 for the middle, and 3 for the little guy at the bottom.

Stakes are high.

This is how it's done (kinda)

Home sweet home for 2 weeks.

Todd's office.

A few days in, I wake up one morning and Neil Heddings is helping build a loft. Todd and Kyle looking gangster...

I made me a new cruiser.

Ain't that the truth. These are for sale so hit me up if you want one...

Went down to the Kr3w/Supra HQ to skate and grab some things. Look who has the biggest box, haha. (ignore 1 of 30)

Part 2 coming tomorrow...