On 12:15 a.m., October 6, 2010, Instagram went live and became a thing.

As ever, skateboarding was quick to jump on the bandwagon and embraced the early popularity of the #tbt hashtag to interrupt the flow of selfie narcissism and aspirational salads with badly cropped benihanas and shitty scans from old skate mags.

It was the introduction of video hosting to Instagram in June 2013 that firmly cemented its place as the social media platform of choice in skateboarding and its cultural influence has never stopped growing from that moment.

With Instagram's announcement of them hitting the 400 million user mark last week, we thought it'd be as good a time as any to pay homage to the app that launched a thousand no comply variations onto an unsuspecting but hungry skateboard collective consciousness.

The following are by no means the most viewed or shared videos out there - they just happen to be some of our favourites.

Big up to all the greasy thumbed phone maniacs out there making each brown sit down that little bit more interesting than it would be otherwise....

Cover image: Reece Leung

Chris Atherton - The Zen Flip

Posted: 61 weeks ago

This is the oldest Insta post on the list and as such probably received way fewer views than it ought to have done but it's included as an example of why Instagram is so bewitching.

Taken from a VHS rip of a long-out-circulation Karma video 'Shit on the Lens', this is Avi at his most magical in Accrington.

Viral status: Psilocybin. Mushrooms. Intense.

302 comments: our favourite being - @schiffmanator "That was definitely not first try"

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Sammy Bethune - Don't concentrate on the finger

Originally posted 18 weeks by @andygsswhite and then shared everywhere.

Rough view count across Insta/FB - 5 million?

Viral status: Bruce Lee. Scotland. Indoor skatepark. New style. Don't concentrate on the finger. Football tops. Sports wear.

733 comments: our favourite being: @stopyawning "wtf did I just watch... I can't even believe this is possible. It looks like that Skate 2 major pop glitch"

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Dale Starkie - Ride the pow-pow

Originally posted on Facebook as part of the Mtn Dew Store Wars competition, Dale Starkie's cross-training clips both went nuts with combined FB and Insta views running into the hundreds of thousands.

Too many comments to even count, but one of our favourites was, "This is shit and he's a dick - stick to the slopes bellend..."

Viral status: Olympics. X-Games. Cross training.

Dane Brady - kerb dancing

Posted 12 weeks ago by @danebrady Polar Skate Co's Oregon-based curb-a-phile and trouser revisionist.

View count on original post: 22,936 views.

746 comments: @beyond.the.ropes "Fucking Crash Bandicoot over here on a skateboard"

Viral status: 1992 reborn. 50" waist purple Blind jeans. Minimalism. Kerbs. Carparks.

Ollie Lock - smith grind glitch out

Posted 16 weeks ago by @sidewalkmag

View count on original post post 15,000

342 comments: @th3sk8terboi "Is it me or something weird happen on that trick?"

Viral status: Wool pulled over eyes. Powell magic. Obvious piss-take. Insta troll.

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Mike Arnold - 'The 900'

Originally posted by @skateboardcafe 21 weeks ago.

View count - impossible to determine - probably millions.

Comments on original post: 720: @davewon1song "He used your tool once, you pretty much did this"

Viral status: Career kickstarter. iPhone meltdown. The slappy heard around the world. Manny Santiago reposted it first. Big man ting. Republique. Red wine hangover.

Mike Arnold and crew - Skids in BCN

Originally posted by @mikearnoldeluxe 9 weeks ago.

View count - 11,000 on original post - unknown on reposts.

Comments on original post: 151 @fish_n_skate "@mikevallely I could see you doing this..."

Viral status: Skids and shit. You spin me round baby baby right round. Possibly taking the piss.

Greg Cuadrado 'Oh Je ne comprend pas..."

Originally posted by @la_karlounce 30 weeks ago.

View count - impossible to be certain as it predates view count function.

Comments on original post 125: @hugo_sboarding "Haha terrible..."

Viral status: Blobys. Paris. Republique. No comply variations. French people.

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Magee vs Koston

Originally posted by @shellfinger 1 week ago

View count minimal but made up for by comedy.

Comments on original post 6: @casperbrooker "Best. Video. Ever"

Viral status: Watch and learn mate. TMZ. Boyment. Celebrity take down. Bantz.

Josh Ward-Brickett, the skateboarding policeman

Originally posted on FB then reposted everywhere, including by @thrashermag

Views: 380,273 on Thrasher post

Comments: 2435 @alexskateco "Cop got dat swagger"

Viral status: Fancy dress. Reliably informed he's not actually a policeman. Insta fame game.

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