We just got the following through from a long time Hastings local, regarding the future of their well worn skatepark:

"After believing the council would follow through on it's promises to build a new park, several years have since passed and we now know the council won't do anything positive unless forced into it. So we are trying to do this by any means necessary. Banging your head against a brick wall for 8 years kinda hurts...

We are already exploring avenues to fund an extensive large scale park, but a media blitz is coming the councils way as well. The petition is just the very first stage and a easy way to show support for it.

Please spend 2 mins signing the Hastings skatepark petition - click here!

And, if you're a Facebook lurker, please join the group Hastings skatepark direct action group & add us as a friend.

Also, please pimp the hell out of this link, spread it like a virus to email accounts, facebook, myspace, bebo and your blogs. The more people the better, as the council aren't ever going to do anything positive for the park without being pushed into it. Cheers for your help!"

Bod Boyle at the 1990 Palent Earth demo, held at the original White Rock Gardens ramp.