Please read and act as appropriate - cheers!

"This petition is set up to gather interest of people who would like to see Aviemore once more have skateboarding/bmx facilities.

If you visited Aviemore during the time of Chevvys bar (now defunct) then you will remember the ramp which sat outside it.

This ramp was the setting for many skateboard competitions/parties and generally good times being had by all, young and old.

After the demise of Chevvys bar (bought by developers and demolished) and then inevitably the ramp, the community around this epicentre was destroyed and displaced, these people have never been given anything to compensate for the loss of this facility.

Many people left the town and many children gave up their skateboards and bikes in favour of alcohol and breaking phone box windows.

If you would like to see change on this front with the provision of a new skatepark in Aviemore, then please sign this petition."