Hell Yeah Son in Europe Part 4 - Alex Diss, Rob Jones and Judd Otene travel through the concrete wonderlands of Belgium and Germany in the latest part of the HYS summer 2017 Euro tour.

Things kick off at the incredible Mechelen DIY - which you don't see much of here due to shit weather but trust us, the DIY which gave birth to Belgium's Concrete Dreams skatepark building company is 100% a must visit type of spot. A couple of concrete gems in Cologne are hit before a mission to a number of Lilliputian fullpipes, none of which look particularly skateable. Luckily the Mr Wilson DIY bowl in Kassel looks like it more than makes up for any 'not quite Mount Baldy' disappointments...

If you've been watching these edits and haven't at least idly started mapping out a route across the continent yet then you probably want to have your head examined - these lo fi edits are pure skate rat, gypsy tour hype at its finest! Peep the rest below if you've watched the latest installment and want more.

Part 1 - The Floating Ramp with Jordan Thackeray, Sox, Rob Jones, Toby Gozzett and Alex Hallford

Part 2 - Lohserampe with Rob Jones, Jordan Thackeray, Alex Hallford and Sox

Part 3 - 2er DIY with Rob Jones and Judd Otene

Rob Jones, Judd Otene and myself traveling through Belgium and Germany hitting all the concrete we could find.

Thanks to Mr Wilson for having us and to Thierry, Poppa Masher, for making that happen!

Also thanks to Martin at Black River for having us and showing us the best map I've ever used!

More from Black River Country in Pt.5

The parks in this one are:

Mechelen DIY, Belgium

Neuehrenfeld, Cologne

North Brigade, Cologne

Mr Wilson Bowl, Kassel

Helmbrechts Bleed, Bavaris