Harry Lintell & co for Spitfire wheels 'Avenues and alleyways'.

Stoked! Our very own Harry Lintell has been on an extended stay in SF of late as you will have seen on both Real Skateboards and the GX1000 Instagram feeds if you pay attention to the clamour of Social Media.

Happily it looks as if Harry has been on a total mission with the first bit of video evidence dropping today via the latest Spitfire Wheels clip 'Avenues & alleyways'.

Also featuring Matt Gottwig, Sean Greene, Austin Kanfoush, James Capps and Alex Conn this is a short but sweet banger of a clip with group sessions through the city and a good brace of Lintell footage.

Peep this and keep your fingers crossed for more Harry Lintell in the next GX1000 release, as implied by him linking up with hill-bombing maniac and GX mainstay Sean Greene.

Peep the latest Spitfire 2017 range here: Spitfire Wheels