Grosso's Loveletters - Lance Mountain Part 2 with Darrell Miller

Following on from where Part 1 left off, this episode of Loveletters follows Lance Mountain as he finally finds and then grills his childhood hero and almost forgotten skateboard innovator of the late 70's/very early 80's - Darrell Miller. As Lance himself puts it, "Guys like Darrell came and went so fast that they never really received the recognition they deserved and the story is told almost as if there was nobody between the stars of the Dogtown wave and us..."

This episode more than sets the record straight giving him his due props for inventing the Miller Flip (which is often mistakenly attributed to Chris Miller), crediting him as being one of the first people to dial long rock and roll slides, as well as inspiring the likes of Lance and Lucero to run Argyle socks 3 decades after Darrell Miller wore them in a Hobie advert.

As always with Grosso's Loveletters - this is nerd heaven with a particularly life-affirming glow as Darrell Miller, a man seemingly unconcerned by the legacy he left behind him, is finally confronted by his number one fan.

If you missed the previous episode - go watch that for context here.

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Grosso's Loveletters - Lance Mountain Part 2 with Darrell Miller