Globe Footwear presents their 'Good Luck in Lisbon' video, captured during the team's Portuguese adventure last October which saw them getting very gnarly at street spots and parks around Portugal's capital and other locations across the country. According to the Youtube blurb then "They were told there were no spots in Portugal" and we're not sure who fed them this blatant falsehood - possibly some twisted hippy with a burning hatred for all footwear not ethically fashioned from roadkill and twine - but we're glad that they ignored this bitter prick and decided to jump in at the deep end because they absolutely merk every single obstacle in their path.

From Ryan Decenzo and Paul Hart's willingness to jump down big shit, to David Gonzalez's all terrain hype machine, to the downright steez of Appleyard and Montano, the team covers plenty of bases...

Featuring Mark Appleyard, Sammy Montano, David Gonzalez, Ryan Decenzo and Paul Hart.

Go peep our 2016 interview with David Gonzalez for more on his Globe Eagle SG shoe and other subjects via the interview excerpt below;

Your new Globe shoe is out. Why is it named the Eagle SG?

It’s random. The name came from a TV show I used to watch back home called Águila, which means eagle in English.

I think everyone is always sceptical about how much involvement pros have with their shoes.

I’ve been really involved. We’ve been trying to make this shoe for around a year actually. A long time. The last two I had, I liked them but I wasn’t involved with the little details. With this one I got involved in that way. I really had to make sure it was comfortable in the right ways. I think people are going to like it. The insole is much better for impact.