Spots and spots and spots! The Skateboarder's Journal got Geoff Campbell to round up the troops and point them at a wide variety of shred-friendly architecture, before editing the results to a particularly powerful power ballad. General gnarliness and spot porn throughout, press play for a visual feast in the form of 'Sack of Spuds'.

Featuring (deep breath) Callum Paul, Adam Davies, Tully West, Jesse Noonan, Bryce Golder, Harry Clark, Digby Luxton, Arthur Kay, Ben Frank, Tim Williams, Josh Pall, Max Couling, Jarrad Carlin, Corey Leso, Jake Darwen, Elijah Robertson, Zach Wheeler, Nick Boserio, Matt Reilly, Jason Rainbird, Alex Campbell, Sammy Winter, Luke Croker and Quayde Baker.