George Toland presents GCS X Serious Adult's 'GCSA' video - South London's finest forming like Voltron in celebration of one of skateboarding's best feelings, hillbombing. Bank spots rougher than a crackhead's lungs are also a prominent feature, alongside a killer soundtrack and spot on filming/editing from George.

Featuring Jack Soden, Max Critchlow, Finn Rabbitt Dove, Leo Briggs, Greg Conroy, Pavel Berezuk, Mason, Klavs Laivenieks, Doug Parmiter, Jeremy Jones, Elliott Wright, Louis Woodhead, Kiefer Passey, Conrad Pack, Lukas Kacevicius, Lewis Bell, Chris Garcia, Matt Nelmez, Tom Delion, Harry Turner, Chris Luu, Sam Earl, Guy Jones and Dillon Catney.