Berlin is riddled with glass smooth skate spots and also crusty DIY. It's a solid choice over the obvious (Barcelona) for a crew Euro haunts. The Milk Skateboards lads were keen so we sorted some flights and digs and headed out for a solid week of shredding. Stoked to have heartbreaker Nicky Howells out with us too.

Our apartment was a short skate from a load of regular ‘known’ spots and it seemed a pretty sound area; but after our first skate back to the flat after dark it quickly became clear we were bang in the ‘fuck anything’ centre of the city with strip clubs and gay bars on every corner lit up like STD infested xmas trees. Hookers were literally trying to grab you off your board while you skated past. Oh, and even a Woolworths! Guessing the news that they went bust hasn’t reached Berlin yet?

The first few days were spent at regular spots, drinking, chilling and smoking and evenings pretty much the same. After drifting through a few bars we quickly learnt that sending Nicky to the door is pointless - he can’t spot a guy in a gimp suit at 20 paces. Swampy’s vice was to try and nick a bike pretty much on the hour every hour - whether it was chained to a post or in someone’s hand we did well not to get fucked up, literally.

We dodged downpours for the rest of our time so didn’t manage to explore any lesser-known spots. Have a gander at some of Swampy’s caught souls and wish for the sun and dryness to return. Berlin is RAD, if you haven’t been yet make sure it’s at the top of your wishlist. Enjoy.

Photos by Swampy


Switch frontside big spin.


Frontside 5050 grind.


Beanplant fakie.


Nollie bigspin, frontside lipslide to smith grind fakie.

jordan - backside boneless

Backside Boneless.


Ollie one foot.


Backside lipslide to sugarcane.


Kicklfip backside nosebluntslide popped out to fakie.


Frontside bluntslide.