In advance of a brand spanking new Gustav Tønnesen edit dropping tomorrow, Free Skate Mag got hold of filmer Jonathan Lomar to put together a compilation of all of his best VX footage from the past couple of years in 'The Gustav Tønnesen VX Mixtape' - including a couple of previously unseen captures of wizard like footwork from Sour Skateboards' man bunned Norwegian connection.

Gustav has been turning heads in the past year or two, smashing Catalan spots to pieces in every piece of Sour dopeness to hit the web as well as being the talking point after the majority of the adidas Skate Copa Court Tour European legs due to his supernatural ability to land basically everything first go (for confirmation of this see the London, Paris and Berlin compilation edit, which also includes footage of Gustav getting stuck into some of London's crustier street furniture). Sour Skateboards have shown the world that, even in one of the most heavily skated cities in Europe, there is still plenty of opportunity for unrinsed lines and spots if you have the eye and talent for it and the Nordic magician is a large part of that.

From insanely technical ledge manoeuvres to switch frontside wallrides down stair sets and from bank to bar front crunts to one of the best flip shiftys ever put down on a transition, this is a serious catalogue of just why Gustav should be your new favourite skater if he's not already. Watch it, then head over to Free Skate Mag's website where you can watch a collection of brand new footage from him - which in itself is only the precursor to another full edit, so when watching don't forget that this is what he considers 'offcuts'...

Check out Gustav's account of his filming missions for adidas' Away Days in his Kingpin interview on the subject for more of an insight.