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Above: Marc Churchill front smith, photo by CJ

There is no doubt that Propeller has captured the wider imagination of skateboarders worldwide. Greg Hunt and Vans came through with a well crafted video which has acted as a timely reminder that not everything is about the latest Instagram trick fad or quickly forgotten web section. With the hype still buzzing around over just how good it was, remind yourself of some Vans action from this side of the pond with our Vans UK Footage Feast - whether it be Cates' fire-breathing footplants, Howard Cooke throwing himself at the gnarliest bits of any skatepark, Mark Churchill's long running transition vendetta or Nick Remon's fast-footed street steez, you're bound to find plenty to get you stoked and go skate!

Cates breathing fire, H gets gnarly and Mark Churchill provides plenty of comedy soundbites in a snapshot of life on the road as part of a skate team in 2002. Part 1 is above, the rest of the serialisation can be found below, and featured skaters include:

Franklin Stephens, Howard Cooke, Mark Churchill, Dave Carnie, Dan Cates, Danny Wainwright, Dave Chesson, Hugo Liard, Emilio Arnanz, Olly Todd, Blayney Hamilton, Chris Pulman, and Pete King.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

A slightly changed team sees Rogie, Ollie Tyreman, Josh Young, Ben Grove, Ross McGouran and more tagged in, while some of the older faces have moved on...Churchill is still in the van though, Howard Cooke still appears briefly to do something gnarly, and Chris Pfanner appears at around the halfway point!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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Part 9

Part 10

Marc Churchill, Greg Nowik, Ollie Tyreman and more swap the grey, damp climes of the UK for the sun drenched DIY skatepark which used to reside in usual, the rest of the sections can be found below. Good to hear the locals being introduced to Kunt and the Gang in part 3!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

A 2007 trip sees the team hit some classic Northern spots, as well as skateparks including the much missed Ripped indoor cave of wonder in Dewsbury...

Part 2 can be found here.

After a gnarly car accident, this edit is a demonstration of how to be a hard bastard as Marc Churchill gets back on it for his birthday jam at Burnley's indoor park. Various team members back him up with footage from parks and spots around the North.

The acting may be questionable, but the skating definitely isn't - when the Big Push developed to revolve around shoe teams in 2009, Vans saw an opportunity for silliness and grabbed it eagerly. 2009 and 2011 make up the 'Powley's Angels' edits, with the team's thespian attempts not getting in the way of the shredding, while 2010 and 2012 follow more standard video formats...

Now three parts deep, the Vans Excursion series follow a specific team rider in the form of a mini documentary/interview with plenty of skating included. The first part above sees Nick Remon giving a tour of his hometown of Chelmsford, hitting surrounding Essex spots as well as heading North to hit some of his preferred Yorkshire street terrain. Part two sees Daryl Dominguez flying around the streets of London with his crew, while in part three Sam Beckett shreds his way from a backyard ramp in the South East of England to Bob Burnquist’s insane garden ‘crete in California.

More from the steez beast that is Double D - country wide spring-legged street radness.

Yet another tour, with an apt title from a time when the team were reaching early 80s Black Flag levels of hitting the road. Shaun Currie, Jake Collins, Jirka Bulin, Joe O'Donnell. Kris Vile, Nick Remon, Dave Watson, Matthew Nevitt, Denis Lynn, Daryl Dominguez, Josh Young - a heavy crew are crammed into this three parter! Watch part one above, and the rest below...

Part 2

Part 3

2014 saw the opening of a free indoor skatepark and event space, in the centre of London, in the form of House of Vans London. A fairly gnarly, awkward bowl and fun, whippy miniramp make for a guaranteed session if you can time it around the snaking foetuses, so watch the above edit then get down there...

churchill smith gorm

Photo: Gorm


Photo: CJ

jordan-thackery-backside-boneless horse

Photo: Horsley

kris-Vile-Switch-flip leo sharp

Photo: Leo Sharp

Daryl Dominguez-360 Flip_21V9006.CR2

Photo: CJ

Nev-Frontside Pivot_21V8447.CR2

Photo: CJ

Denis Lynn-Ollie BW_21V8653.CR2

Photo: CJ

Sean Currie-Frontside Heel Flip_21V8627

Photo: CJ

Daz Edit 2

Photo: CJ

andy scott flip bodyjar cj

Photo: CJ