"I feel it closing iiiiiin, feel it closing iiiiiiiin" 'Weather Permitting' is almost out and it's going to be incredible!

This video is for Focus skate store (which is dope) and features an array of Scottish rippers captured through the lens of Zander Ritchie.

Watch the trailer below in anticipation for the full release which will feature: Adam Paris

Daniel Nicholas, Scott "Dunder" Anderson, Miles Kondracki, Charles Myatt, Bobby Baillie, Ross "Shezz" Mcsherry, Jack McCallum, Julian Shaw, Aaron Wilmot, Fergus Wood, Blair McCafferty, Ferg, Gordon "Gusho" Dear, Colin Adam, Div Adam, Tom Remillard, John Rattray, Russ Hall, Colin Kennedy, Paul Silvester, Mark Burrows and the rest of Scotland. What a line up ay!?