Clear your diaries on Monday the 28th of May and head for the seaside, as a Flip Skateboards demo at The Source Skatepark will be taking place in sunny Hastings.

With a heavy line up of Luan Oliveira, Tom Penny, David Gonzalez, Alec Majerus, Arto Saari, Rune Glifberg, Denny Pham, Ben Nordberg and Alex Risvad, with more possibly yet to be confirmed, this is a chance to witness some serious skateboarding go down and maybe even finish up the day by checking out the living Heironymus Bosch painting that is Hastings Wetherspoons on a bank holiday Monday. Or you could just go sink some tins and skate Boyley Park up on the White Rock to get your own skate fix after watching shit go down, it's bound to be quite a lot of fun.
For those who missed it, the last major event at The Source in the form of the Battle of Hastings was very gnarly indeed - check it out if you need convincing that you should brave Southern Rail's penchant for incompetence and head down to see what the Flip team get up to. A special prize to whoever convinces Luan to backside nosebluntslide the Bottle Alley banks, the prize is a can of Special Brew and a tab made by emptying the baccy out of discarded butts.
"We are beyond stoked to announce that on Monday 28th May (Bank Holiday) we will be hosting a FLIP SKATEBOARDS demo at the SOURCE PARK here in Hastings.
This will be the only FLIP Demo in the UK and currently the following are confirmed:
Luan Oliveira
Tom Penny
David Gonzalez
Alec Majerus
Arto Saari
Rune Glifberg
Denny Pham
Ben Nordberg
Alex Risvad and more!
This is a first come first serve free for all so be sure to come down and watch from 4pm!"