Words by Daniel Higginson
Photos by Tom Sparey
Above photo: Phil Batchelor, Rory Underhill and Myles Cantello
Fix Up Skate competition 2015 - Build it, Skate it, Film it, Edit.
The brief was simple. Create a two minute film focused on skateboarding and having fun. Last weekend sixteen teams spent three days getting creative in the sunshine, armed with a video camera, a "loose" storyline and a large dose of enthusiasm. It doesn't seem to take much to encourage skateboarders to put on some fancy dress and take to the streets.
Will Stradling harnesses the power of the Muska and front nosebluntslides like it was 1997
The inaugural year of the Fix Up Skateboard Competition was amazing. Skaters of all ages and styles signed up and of the 16 teams that entered everyone made it to the finish line.
Ed Wirgman films George Hill colour co-ordinating shoe and spot.
The films were premiered at The Cube cinema with the teams voting on each other's productions. There was such a wide variety of quality films produced over the weekend, but somehow the teams managed to whittle it down to the top three. No words are needed, just sit back and enjoy.
Channon Wallace - kicker to feeble grind
A massive thank you to all the teams that entered the competition. It's nothing without all your hard work and creative input

The Poacher Man


Refill the Dream

Two Bit, Helms Kitchen

Skate Believe

Vivian's Palace


Gully Flared

High Six, DIY or Die

Lifetime Laces

Molly and Beatrix going for a ride

Ollie Lock Productions

Skate Wine

Skate Soup

Bristol Half-arsed