A couple of months ago, I turned up to the office after a fairly heavy night and got to work; pouring a coffee, opening my emails as normal and finding some kind of Justin Brock footage waiting to be posted on the site. For some reason - most likely a kind of sleep deprived, alcohol seeping from my pores hysteria - I couldn't stop picturing him in the section as Justin Broccoli, a geggs wearing dark green ripper with a bobbly, flowering head of hair.

This led my mind to other skateboarder/fruit and veg based puns, which had soon drawn half the office into a complete lack of productivity as we racked our brains for more and more tenuous connections. I'm not sure what this says about me, but I found it amusing enough to push for it to be illustrated and we got in top pun-man Martyn Hill to draw some up. Apparently the 50-odd we though of was too many, so here's six - now waste the rest of your day thinking up more...