Fifty Fifty x Real skateboards Pump Track edit

As part of their 20th anniversary celebrations Bristol's mighty Fifty Fifty skate store joined forces with Real Skateboards to hold a fund-raising event at the pump track opposite Daveside DIY.

The idea was to get everyone together, have races around the crusty tarmac berms and raise money for the Skate-PAL charity courtesy of prizes donated by the likes of Shiner, Fifty Fifty, Real Skateboards and a ton of other sterling humans within the skate industry.

Unfortunately the weather (as usual) decided to throw a curve ball into proceedings and the evening that started out sunny, ended up being drenched in unseasonal (ha!) rainfall. Bristol heads were undeterred however, and a combination of indefatigable human spirit and booze made sure that the pump track races went ahead as planned as you'll see in James Harris' Fifty Fifty x Real skateboards Pump Track edit below.

All praise to everyone involved in this one.

When you're done watching, go check out our extended gallery of this event and the following day's DLH Funday by using your fingers to ignite the hyper link previous to these words.

Cover photo and above by Jerome Loughran

Fifty Fifty x Real Skateboards 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' Launch from FIFTY FIFTY STORE on Vimeo.