Here is a sneak peak of some of the featured content inside the HTC One skatepark which is shaping up to be quite spectacular.

The park has adopted the concept of replicating some of London's most iconic skate spots including ones which are sadly no longer with us.

To give you a taster we've posted some images below which were taken prior to the parks completion. Either way it gives a good impression as to how the finished product will look and all the obstacles look super fun to skate which is the important thing.

Check the pictures here:

Euston Bank:

euston bank

Bank to Wall at Southbank (no longer with us):

SB bank to wall

The ledge behind Southwark tube station (skatestopped):

Southwark Ledge

Big Ben road gap:

Big Ben road gap

Thames barrier ledge:

Thames barrier ledge

Moorgate handrail (rail will be erected down the stairs):

moorgate rail

Sidewalk beast:


The HTC One park is located at the old Selfridges hotel, behind the Selfridges shop on Oxford Street, London and will be open between 27th March and 19th April.

The park is undercover and free so reap the benefits whilst you can as it's not a permanent feature.

HTC One Skatepark: Teaser Two a Skateboarding video by Prime and Fire