Rock Solid have been busy on plenty of missions recently it seems, coming through with four minutes of ripping from a wide swathe of both rider's for their various companies, employees and homies. Rock Solid Edit 4.0 sees a solid amount of Lloyds footage backed up by clips from spot hunting missions and vert sessions to offer something for everyone and bring plenty of skate hype for the week ahead.

Featuring Sebastien "Mungo" Spey, Hayden Bloomfield, Mikey Patrick, Frankie Darby, Will Stradling, George Hill, Wes Morgan, Andy Lebbos, Bear Myles, Ryan Price, Jake Whiteland, Josh Arnott, Ali Rabnif, Joe Paget, Armon Dabeer, Sam Bunton, Pete Carron and Jake Spenceley.

Filmed and edited by Ed Wirgman.

Additional footage from James Cruickshank and James Denning.