UK based skater and illustrator Eloise Dörr's first American solo exhibition 'Alphabet Soup' will be opening in Los Angeles tomorrow at ThePlus.LA, with the launch night running from 7pm-10pm.

If you aren't aware of Eloise's work, which has been exhibited in the UK a few times, it revolves around a world of blob like characters which offer up a light hearted ode to the four wheeled plank of wood which unites us. For an idea of what to expect you can go browse her website and blog, as well as getting your eyeballs wrapped around some of the artwork which was on display at her 3rd Street Exhibition which took place in Bristol last winter.

If you happen to be in Los Angeles at this moment (and we assume that at least a couple of you have squirreled away enough in the way of cold hard cash to escape the shite British winter for awhile) then be sure not to miss this one!


'Alphabet Soup is the fourth solo exhibition by London based artist Eloise Dörr, and first show in the US. Alike her other three solo exhibitions, ‘Alphabet Soup’ features a collection of skateboarding, blob-like characters. Over the last 5 years she has been creating an ever-developing universe for these characters to inhabit; a universe that revolves around playfulness, innocence and simplicity.

Being her first exhibition in the US, she has created ‘Alphabet Soup’ to be somewhat of an introduction into this universe, by featuring a wide display of all new works. An ‘Alphabet Soup’ of an exhibition, for the viewers to get explore and get lost in!'

If you are around Los Angeles on the 2nd of March do come down to h plus creative at 3217 Beverly Blvd to view some art and enjoy a beverage!

Hopefully see you there!