Shake Junt presents the Elissa Steamer Ride or Die clip, which sees her new guest board/capsule collection hyped with a session at a particularly dope looking skatepark alongside a few friends and Shake Junt sorts. Style can't be bought and Elissa has it in spades, if the frontside nosebluntslide on the bank doesn't get you hyped then we can't do nothing for you man!

It's rad to see Elissa still killing it after so many years in the spotlight, from her breakthrough part in Welcome to Hell through to her inclusion as a playable character in the massive Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game franchise, through various sponsorship switch ups (including Baker's short lived sister company Baker Bootleg and Jamie Thomas' Zero crew) and up until her current position running the Gnarhunters brand (check out their website for an idea of what they have for sale.)

For a more in depth look at Elissa's various ventures onto our screens then go peep our recent Steamer-dedicated Sunday Service, but in the meantime enjoy the new clip below which also features Neen Williams, Andrew Reynolds, Shane Heyl, Frank Gerwer (Six Newell represent, if you don't know then we can highly recommend hunting down a copy of the DVD of the same name) and Lil' Dre.

There should be some more Elissa for you sometime soon via Pushing Boarders once they upload the lecture videos to the web, with her contributions to the talk on 'Concrete Waves and The Rise of Female Skaters' one of the weekend's high points, so keep your eyes peeled for that (and watch the rest of the lectures while you're at it, a wide array of areas under the umbrella of stunt planking were covered.)