Brandon Westgate and Nassim Guammaz skate against the visually chaotic backdrop of Halloween celebrations in Tokyo in the Element Skateboards Fluff Project - a collaboration with Fluff Magazine filmed by Phil Zwijsen.

Mach ten skating and oversized gaps juxtaposed with All Hallows Eve street party vibes, what's not to like?

Element brand presents their latest collaborative project with Fluff magazine.

Fluff is the brainchild of Element Advocate, skateboarder and autodidact photographer Marcel Veldman and Marco Jongeneel, art director and owner of agency Vijf890. It is not your average skateboard magazine with each issue taking a new conceptual approach.

The project features Element rider Brandon Westgate and Nassim Guammaz and was shot in Tokyo Japan by Element pro rider Phil Zwijsen during the Halloween celebrations. The result is a carefree and fun insight into one of the biggest urban abstract celebrations happening in the streets of Japan.