Eddie Belvedere on Death Skateboards!

Happy New Year everybody.

Stoked to have this as the first site post of 2018!

Long time ripper, Black Sheep employee and general madman Eddie Belvedere officially joins the Death Skateboards team as of today!

Eddie's been around for a long time, coming up as a young ripper localising Bolton's infamous Bones indoor skatepark, before enjoying stints on now-defunct UK brands The Harmony Skateboards and Superdead Skateboards. His distinctive asleep-at-the-wheel style and aggressive/laid back ATV approach has long been one of our favourites and, as a member of the ridiculously active Manchester scene, has put out innumerable full sections over the years, along with banging editorial content in the glory days of full-price UK skate mags.

So without further ado - here's the official Eddie Belvedere on Death Skateboards welcome clip edited by Isaac Wilkinson with footage filmed by Ryan Hayes, Mark Kendrick, Isaac Wilkinson and Adam Salais.

Look out for a full Eddie Belvedere section in the currently in-progress full length Death Skateboards video 'Into the Void', set to drop in Spring 2018.

After you've watched this - take a wander through the Manchester Skateboarding tag on the Sidewalk site for a glimpse of Eddie's equally as impressive back catalogue of footage. More coming from Eddie and co in the very near future.

Big up Death Skateboards - this is a well-deserved power-move.

Cover photo by CJ