To celebrate the launch SKATE, EA has recreated seven iconic skate spots from San Francisco and Barcelona and placed them in skate parks across the country.

Each object has a tick challenge set against it and laid down by a UK pro, in both the game and real life. If you can nail the trick or one up it, you and your mate could be on your way to skate that city for real.

Here’s the info on each challenge:

Obstacles inspired by- Barcelona bus station benches

Challenge – F/S 5050 on the top ledge

Set by Neil Smith, Blueprint

Location- The House, Sheffield

Inspired by- Ally, Barcelona

Challenge- Powerslide smith stall

Set by Steak, Death

Location- the Works, Leeds

Inspired by- Pier 7

Challenge- B/S Nosegrind

Set by- Danny Brady, Blueprint

Location- The Factory, Dundee

Inspired by- Universitat, Barcelona

Challenge- Nollie B/S 5-0

Set by- Vaughn Baker, Blueprint

Location- Rampwork, Liverpool

Inspired by- Corner sport, San Francisco

Challenge- F/S Smithgrind (up)

Set by- Horsey, Death

Location- Bay66, London

Inspired by- Silver ledge, Barcelona

Challenge – F/S Nosegrind (up)

Set by- Boots, Death

Location- Revolution, Kent

Inspired by- MACBA, Barcelona

Challenge- B/S smithgrind

Set by- Chewy Cannon, Blueprint

Location- The Park, Great Yarmouth