Leo has managed to follow up his recent trip to Barcelona with the UK Nike SB crew by heading out to China with Blind Europe. In attendance are Chris Oliver, Philipp Schuster, Marco Lambertucci, Raphael Brunis and Andy Welther.

Hopefully this is going to become a daily photo blog, so check back daily for updates. For now, here's a typically food based first day overview from Leo.

Glad to see the weathers pretty much the same as it is here.

Rubbish spot

Granny Smiths, China style?

Tonights evening meal? You don't see that down Morrisons.

Chroliver contemplates which grade of dog (or goat) to snack on.

You want to get yourself to the doctors with that, Chris. Doesn't look too good.

Anthony "Oddjob" Claravall wass hanging out before hooking up with Ty and some Chocolate riders.

Chris Olivers Chinese Menu: Poodle noodle, coronation Alsatian, Kebabrador, German shepherds pie, shitzoup and pitbull Teriyaki!

More from this lot tomorrow, touch wood!