The deadline for entry has passed, all the videos are in and have been critically analysed, and the playing field has being narrowed down to five final hopefuls. Now it's time for you lot reading this to get involved with deciding who wins 2008s DVS 'Hook Me Up' comp!

Footage of all five finalists can be found on our DVS 'Hook Me Up' 2008 voting page - all you need to do is watch over the edits then vote for whoever you feels deserves to win the most. The deadline for voting is November 10th, with the winner being announced in Decembers issue of the mag! The winning skater will then receive a full years worth of DVS sponsorship, whilst the winning filmer will be treated to a dope package of one-off promotional gear from DVS!

So, now you know what the crack is, go cast your vote wisely!