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Dustin Dollin headed to the US from Australia in the late 90s and immediately made an impression. His willingness to chuck himself onto any rail or into any abyss garnered him as much attention as the steadily growing list of tales surrounding his hyperactive, pissed up antics as he rampaged his way around the States, earning himself a place on the OG Baker team and today being pretty much the only Pissdrunk left at the bar. With six ACL reconstructions to his name, he still seems to be happily flinging himself down rails and stairs (as last night's premiere of Propeller testified to), adding to an impressive collection of footage which mixes outright gnarliness with a sense of genuine enjoyment in what he's doing. This week's Dustin Dollin Footage Feast collects together some of the Hell Spawn's best moments, so crack a beer and enjoy...

Apart from a few gnarly clips in Deluxe's Great Lakes 'Gnarcotica' tour, the wider world's first glimpse of Dollin was via the first Baker video 'Baker Bootleg' and his screaming, bottle smashing, oversized spot chomping section.

"When I first met Dustin I couldn't stand him, he was a little shit...there were several occasions I nearly sparked him...but as time went on he turned out to be an alright kid". Alex Moul with one of the best 411 Rookies introductions, before Dollin's hyperactive spot destruction mission takes over.

An Aussie dream team hits Europe with Dollin, Chad Bartie, Matt Mumford, Aaron Rowe, Brett Margaritis, Andrew Currie and Morgan Campbell on tour for ON Video Fall 2000. The catch on Dustin's kickflip noseslide at 2:20 deserves numerous rewinds.

The Pixies, dirty limericks and an ability to get away with the sketchiest of roll aways, there's no fronting on Dollin's section in Baker 2G! Switch crooks down handrails and subliminal threatening messages just seal the deal.

Transworld's Sight Unseen is a classic, featuring a selection of heavy hitters. Dollin gets his amongst Heath Kirchart, Tosh Townsend, Henry Sanchez and John Cardiel, with a section that is how a Zero video would look if you injected it with a concentrated serum of ADHD and strong liquor.

Despite the inclusion of possibly one of the worst songs ever used in a section, Dollin has some solid hammers in this section for a 2003 edition of ON video.

Dollin and Lewis Marnell (RIP) share shredding duties in this section from Volcom's Chicaghof, both of them absolutely going in!

Handrail crushing, jager-shotting, reptile baiting radness from Dollin in Baker 3.

A Gang of Four classic and iconic Dollin ATV sketchiness make up this section from rad Australian scene video Ruthless - which also features Shane Cross skating to Nina Simone and Chima Ferguson to Talking Heads, if that isn't incentive to hunt it down I don't know what is!

The first two minutes of this probably sum up this entire post in condensed form...

Having Dollin skate to The Crazy World of Arthur Brown's 'Fire' was a stroke of genius, the hype of which is ably backed up by the skating itself - switch front shuvs down double sets, frontside flips over handrails, the kind of slams that hurt to watch and the general gnarliness which we have come to expect. Since then his Epicly Later'd, a shared section in Bake and Destroy which offers ideal hangover viewing, and his footage in Propeller have shown that Dustin is still out there, still getting some and still throwing himself at the gnarliest obstacles for nothing more than the craic. Carry on through for some photos which capture his balls out shredding, and get hyped for when Propeller hits the shelves...


Photo: Jaime Owens

Skateboarding-Dustin Dollin Sheffield (not sharp)-2

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