With War of the Thistles 3 coming up at the weekend, Alex Irvine has taken a ton of pictures of Dumbartons new bowl for us to share with you, including both some ridiculous skating and some overviews of the finished masterpiece.

Get scrolling down to start imagining what's going to happen when the entire country is let loose on this beast on Sunday, and check part 2 for some footage!



Commander of all that is radical; Teabag. Low to high's a utterly buttersly Feeble Fakes.

All you free running jebends, you've got till i count to five to get this gnarly. My money's on gegs man.

Colin puts a nail in the coffin of the vertical extension on the new bowl. Spaced Rocket.

This shouldn't even be in the article, it's not in the new bowl, but here it is anyway. see.

Dunder stretches out a backboner to disasterous.

When guns is hot on your heels you don't hang around long. C.A.and Dunder double it up just for shits and giggles.

Shez uses his extra height to increase the loft on this deep end stalefish.