Damn. This one is heavy as fuck. Indisputable legend Brian Wenning sits down with The Bunt Live and lays it all out for everyone who always wondered, 'What the hell happened to Brian Wenning?"

This one pulls absolutely no punches whatsoever - from his early days battling Love Park and New York with Anthony Papparlardo, getting on Alien Workshop, filming for Photosynthesis and Mosaic and Wenning's whole trajectory from a little kid in New Jersey skating a wooden ledge in his driveway to world-wide fame.

The Bunt Live ask all the questions you'd hope and Wenning is happy to answer all of them.

The honesty and is breathtaking at points. Earning crazy money riding for DC during its hey-day, living a crazy lifestyle, blowing money on strip clubs, booze, and everything in between. Wenning touches upon some of the mistakes he made, including leaving Habitat for Plan B, joining Selfish alongside Jereme Rogers after getting kicked off both DC and Plan B at the same time, and then starting up Lockdown Skateboards at the height of his substance abuse problems.

Brutal honesty - including advice on how to not end up in a tent, in jail, in Arizona.

Happily, Brian Wenning is sober now and on a positive path again, skating and loving it and with a Habitat tribute board on the way. If you have suffered problems with alcohol and or drug abuse yourself, or you know anybody who has - this will bring a smile to your face. Wenning is a survivor.

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