Words by AD McEvoy

Photos by Chris Dale

If I had to write something for TripAdvisor about Madrid, I'd say that the skate scene is definitely alive and well; home to many friendly local shredders, sunny weather, Spanish architecture, good metro, cheap beer and - according to the single gentlemen of the team - attractive females. Flights are cheap if you book in advance, unless of course you have to change names last minute, which is what happened to us. I’ll leave that there…

Our days were spent finding fine spots to skate around town,and our evenings were mildly hazy, soaking up culture and relaxing in our Airbnb, creating comedy.

On every tour we always have people who have our backs and help make the thing work smoother. Special thanks go to Frank Spacey who not only helped us out with spots but is in his own right a ridiculous skateboarder. Also, big love to Lucy for providing us with nourishing herbs and being our resident Betty. We also couldn't have done it without tech wizard, filmer and photographer Chris Dale, whose snaps are below.


I was going to start this article by saying Madrid is not like the skate mecca that is Barcelona; skate spots aren't right on your doorstep. But then we found an absolute banger right outside our gaff on day one, which became our warm-up spot numerous times.