The Drawing Boards Campus Lock In Session sees Ad's crew make the most of an after hours session at Bristol's indoor concrete fun zone, the Campus Pool. The skatepark's confines might be tight but Campus have managed to squeeze obstacles in to maximum effect, so once the session gets going then there are plenty of lines to be found - and found they are, by a solid crew consisting of Ash Challis, Isaac Miller, Adam Keats, Phil Batchelor and Jak Tonge alongside Ad and Josh Wells both stepping out from behind the lens to put down a trick for the edit.

Have a watch, then go check the place out next time you find yourself in the Bristol area.

"Big Thank You to Tim, Andre and all the crew at Campus Skatepark in Bristol for hosting our late night lock-in. Definitely worth a trip to Bristol to check out the "Pool" made by Canvas.

Featuring Drawing Boards Team Ash Challis, Isaac Miller, Adam Keats, Phil Batchelor and Jak Tonge.

Filmed by AD McEvoy, Josh Wells and Myles Cantello.

Edited by Josh Wells, Directed by AD. Superhero Music !!"

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