"There was no 'can't do'. I can do it and I will do it..."

Here's the final episode of our ongoing mini documentary on the life of a true UK original.

Doug McLaughlan Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 3 deals with the unprovoked machete attack that Doug suffered a few years back and its aftermath, which left him with a brain injury that required immediate surgery and subsequently caused him to develop epilepsy as a result of the trauma.

For those of you who were previously unaware of this horrible story of two people being in the wrong place at the wrong time - you can read about the attack in more detail in our 2015 Doug McLaughlan Unexplained interview.

As you'll probably have gathered from Parts 1 & 2 though, Dougy isn't the sort of person to let a trifling incident like being hit in the skull with a machete hold him back, so the final episode deals with his recovery and rehabilitation.

Anyhow, watch the video below and hear from the horses' mouth, then scroll down for some more archive photography courtesy of Andrew Horsley and Chris Johnson.

Doug McLaughlan Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 3 Photo Chris Johnson Doug McLaughlan Dewsbury ditch dougfronytbluntweb

If you've taken anything from this three-part series then we hope it's that positivity and personal fortitude can win through, no matter what the circumstances.

Doug's story is inspirational for all kinds of reasons and we would like to extend a big thanks to him, and to his family, for being so open about their lives. Also - huge thanks to Lee Rozee, Avid and Josh 'Manhead' Young for their help, and to all the photographers, filmers and associated people who contributed to this series in whatever way.

Music by Electric Octopus - 'Smokeyhead' & 'Vibe Factory'

More at: electricoctopusofficial.bandcamp.com

Doug McLaughlan Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 3 Photo Chris Johnson Liverpooldougleinweb
Doug McLaughlan Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 3 Photo Andrew Horsley dougbackbonelessweb

If you didn't catch previous episodes of Sidewalk Raconteurs - you can watch Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

It seems fitting to sign off with Doug's own words:

"Cards get dealt and all you can do is get through it. Just live it off man..."

Rest in peace Billy McLaughlan.

Doug McLaughlan Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 3 frontside nosebluntslide Photo Chris Johnson  dougnosebluntslideweb
Doug McLaughlan Sidewalk Raconteurs Part 3 Doug McLaughlan frontside grind Gran Canaria Photo Chris Johnson