Building your own DIY spot with a crew is one of the most rewarding parts of skateboarding that doesn't actually involve stepping on a board. While recent years have seen good (or at least passable) concrete parks thankfully becoming more common than the godawful metal or plastic jobs which blighted the 90s and early 2000s council attempts at 'catering for the youth', there is still not much better than working out just how to skim a top layer of concrete or matching up various quarters and obstacles to make your wasteland creation flow the way you want it to.

Fleabag - rock n roll

Philippe Da Rosa earns his BBQ food. Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

Even a pile of bricks hastily piled up and topped with a metal edge can give you a ledge spot without the hassle of security, skate stoppers or pedestrians. While many of these labours are short lived, especially when close to city centres or on land bought by fucking Tescos, some have stood as monuments to the creativity and drive of their builders and on the rare occasion have even been granted the seal of legitimacy by the council, saving them from the unstoppable encroachment of supermarket chains.

We've compiled some of our favourite's to tip our hats to those who created them - browse through for some classics both past and present, then start scoping out free space near you...

Urbside, Essex

An incredible Essex spot, with a combination of a sloping bank under a bridge making for an ideal spot even before the concreting started - just watch out for the board-hungry canal...

Set Roy front smith stall

Sheffield DIY

Now at least partially demolished, Sheffield's DIY spot included ledges, quarters, banks, brick hips; really everything you could want from a spot.

blinky beanplant

Blinky beanplants off the wall. Photo: Paul Graham

Kobwebs, Essex

A private barn lays host to an incredible concrete bowl, in the depths of Essex. Tunes, beers and high slam potential always make for a killer session!

Taylor Jones fs air kobwebs

New Bird, Liverpool

Liverpool's incredible DIY spot has been around a good few years now with the council coming on side to make sure the place is permanent, proper feel good shit!


Kyron Davis back lips one of New Birds' newer obstacles. Photo: CJ

The Joint/Dustbowl, West Yorkshire

Two for one here; after The Joint was demolished, the crew found a new space and started on the Dustbowl, which is currently still going strong.

Lee Rozee - one foot tailblock

Lee Rozee with a one footed tailblock at the original Joint. Photo: Josh Rose

Brendan Watson - back lip

Welshside, Wales

A long gone Welsh haven from the mid-2000s which, while it may have been short lived, looked incredible.


Needleside, Leeds

A classic Leeds spot which you'll probably recognise from a number of UK videos, Needleside's concreted alleyway has provided plenty of good sessions over the years.

Jord fs noseslide

Jordan Kaye frontside noseslides the most awkward quarter of the spot. Photo: Paul Graham

Plastic Beach, Edinburgh

The only wooden structure in this article, because DIY doesn't always have to be concrete. Edinburgh's 'Plastic Beach' miniramp is a fairly recent build, which looks incredible and offers not only a scenic locale to boot but the possibility of watching seals in the water while you skate!

Owen Godbert front smith

Nottingham DIY

Nottingham's new DIY spot is heating up hard, if you keep an eye on Alex Hallford's Instagram you already know that though...


The Spot, London

Another long serving spot now given the green light by the council, Steve Barrow and the crew are still found building there on a regular basis. One of the best and gnarliest spots around, if you see him buy him a beer!

joe howard bs boneless

Delside, Essex

Pretty much entirely the work of OG Essex ripper Paul Carroll, Delside is another spot hidden deep in the Essex wilderness - the county fast becoming the UK's DIY mecca. Paul is another man who definitely deserves a few rounds got in!

Taylor Jones - frontside ollie