Warning: Audio NSFW!!!

So, Alex Irvine played a huge hand in getting Div Adam's section together for Kevin Parrott and Ciaran O'Connor's 2008 UK independent release "Savoir Faire", and when he heard that the sections were all going online last month, he decided to recover and share the OG edit of Div's section.

This edit was put together a full year ahead of the video getting released, and was only managed to be tracked down as a Quicktime preview, so the quality is far from HD or whatever.

If you're at work or around people who don't agree with strong obscenities or Necro's misogynistic take on the world, you'd be best either watching this later or muting the volume...

You have been warned.

Also featuring appearances from Colin Adam, Benson, Stu Graham, Andy Scott and Josh "ASBO" Parr.