Dime Glory Challenge 2017 - Raw Highlights

Nobody does it like Dime. The Dime Glory Challenge is already firmly established as the antidote to the overly serious tone of the vast majority of skateboard contests these days and thankfully, 2017's took what they already had and pushed the envelope even further.

Sluggo ripping his shirt off to rapturous applause, Volcanoes, Gladiator Challenges, Tiago v's Wade Desarmo, 15 foot high shifty kickflips...it's all here.

By now you ought to have seen the official Thrasher edit (if you haven't it's posted below) but you might not have caught Jenkem's behind-the-scenes ghetto cam overview of skateboarding's greatest event, or Daniel Policelli's RAW version - so consider yourselves covered right here.

Peep both, then consider chucking some money at the Dime guys - these dudes are skateboarding's saviours right now.