Canadians most definitely do it better.

2016's Dime Glory Challenge event is back and bringing the pure essence of taking NOTHING seriously.

If you need an antidote to the Olympics, cringe-inducing, overly earnest YouTube videos, or just the somewhat embarrassing nature of a lot of skateboard culture today - then here it is.

Speed Challenges, ironic sunglasses, foam pits, Joey Valdez challenges, gladiatorial SKATE, Josh Kasper over-the-DJ Storm references, death-defying flat bars...

Big up Dime.

Featutring (amongst many others): Lee Yankou, Jordan Trahan, Scott Decenzo, Wes Kremer, Alexis Lacroix, Dustin Dollin, Antoine Asselin, Morgan Smith, Jack Curtin, Jamal Smith, Evan Smith, Frank Gerwer, Sluggo and Wade Des Armo.

Get it watched - NOW.