Tomorrow night sees the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester hosting both the Digital Peel 3 Premiere and Segment Zine Launch. Digital Peel 3 by Keanu Robson is the night's video enjoyment and should be good if episodes one and two are anything to go by, while Segment Zine features photographs by Leo Macdonald Oulds, Jacob Johnson, Keanu Robson, Sean Lomax, Henry Kingsford and more. Photographs and illustrations will also be exhibited by Jacob Johnson, Leo Macdonald Oulds, Oliver Macdonald Oulds and Joe Roberts. Click the top image by Ollie Macdonald Ouds for the facebook event, and enjoy the security guard throwing horns by Leo Macdonald below that for no other reason than to get you hyped on the zine!

Whitworth Gallery, M15 6ER, Manchester


Digital 3 Premiere and Segment Zine Launch
Digital 3 Premiere and Segment Zine Launch security guard