Didrik Galasso in enjoi 'Panda Patrol' episode 1

What is it? Is it an A-Team parody (in both senses of the word)? Is that Louie Barletta's actual WWII jeep? Is this is Didrik Galasso part, or a team montage? Why when Raemers rips his shirt off does he reappear a second later with no rips? Can he time travel? Does anyone care?

Those are just a few questions thrown up on first watch of Part 1 of enjoi's ongoing web series 'Panda Patrol'. To answer of a few of them - yes, it does have a Didrik Galasso section (around 3 and a half minutes worth) but it's also a team montage featuring everyone from Ben Raemers to Caswell Berry. Basically, it's classic enjoi Skateboards - and you should go watch it now.

Looking forward to Part 2.