Dial Tone MFG presents their team in this solid first video outing 'Wait for the Beep', edited by the one and only Josh Stewart with much in the way of visual enhancement, animation and super 8 cutaways interspersed with the top notch street skating within.

Alexis Sablone (whose input into the previous weekend's Pushing Boarders event in London was well worth hearing - keep an eye out for the full lectures when those are uploaded to the web), Jahmal Williams, Ben Gore, Sully Cardenas and Brian Powderly make up a well rounded squadron capable of handling some truly rugged street furniture and more than one of the spots within bring to mind your bog standard British crust. As is only to be expected from the brains behind the Static series, this first outing should have you hyped to see what comes next!

Enjoy the edit below and then head over to the Theories of Atlantis web store to check out what Dial Tone has to offer alongside the rest of the Theories Dist. brands.

"Dial Tone has whetted your appetite over the past couple weeks with little individual teasers introducing each skater to the tight team. But now they're bringing us a full edit featuring the full crew and some rad visuals. Featuring the full team Alexis Sablone, Jahmal Williams, Ben Gore, Sully Cardenas and Brian Powderly.

Edited by Josh Stewart.

Filmed by Josh Stewart, Jon Schmoldt, Matt Velez and Gabe Kehoe.

Animations by Josh Stewart and Allyson Atchison."

For an insight into Josh Stewart's editing process and more, you could do worse than check out his episode of The Nine Club which goes into detail on how the Static series came about, starting Theories and much more.