Reebok's RBK division is bringing the full DGK team to Europe. This one is a 'not to be missed' event.

Check out the tour dates and get yourself along to the demos, we’ll see you all there.


13th Aug Shop Visit, Madness, Belgrade

14th Aug Tutorial & Demo, Tasmajdan, Stadium


16th Aug Shop Visit, Titus, Munich

17th Aug Tutorial & Demo, Titus, Munich

18th Aug Shop Visit , Zoopreme, Berlin

19th Aug Tutorial & Demo, Zoopreme, Berlin


20th Aug Shop Visit, Slam City Skates, London

21st Aug Tutorial & Demo, Bay 66, London

22nd Aug Shop Visit, Casino, Leicester

23rd Aug Tutorial & Demo, Creation, Birmingham

24th Aug Shop Visit, 50:50, Bristol

25th Aug Tutorial & Demo, Lloyds, Bristol

27th Aug Shop Visit, Projekts, Manchester

28th Aug Tutorial & Demo, Projekts, Manchester

29th Aug Shop Visit, Exit, Leeds, Demo The Works Leeds