'I like montages as it means that we still get to see riders who have not got a full section due to injuries, responsibilities etc but are still an important part of the company.

Ronny Calow has been on Death for 15 years. And after all this time I'm stoked to see him not only still skating with the enthusiasm of a teenager but also totally immersed in skateboarding. (Supporting his local scene with him and his brother Danny's skate store, LEGACY in Darlington.) The run up and out of Ronny last trick was so rough (its in a crusty, ancient old pond) that I thought what he did was not possible until I saw the tape.

Steak is energised as always, flying around like a wild man. I rate his tucked, tweaked approach to the humble frontside boneless.

Schooner has been injured which sucks as I always enjoy his footage but still manages a short but sweet beer fuelled appearance.

Speaking of road sodas, Rhys Grogan is hitting the streets as capably as ever and I like the fact that his footage not only shows him pulling some gnarly manoeuvres but also what shines through is that he's having a good time as is everyone around him.' - Nick Zorlac.

More from the Death lot on Monday!