Today was a complete wash-out, so take a look at some snaps from last night where we stumbled upon a bar with 1-euro beers and some random food related bits from this afternoon...

This is how we roll, WiFi in the bar.

Guzzle it!

Leo's fallen off the wagon. Big time.

This is Sebas, the 14 year old brother of Bryan, our tour-guide. In case Sebas' Mum sees this - don't worry, he doesn't drink beer. Only Jack Daniels.

Snaddons Swellb-oh no.

Seans got his eating etiquette down to a fine art.

Bryan, our tour guide. He's actually on leave from the Spanish Army right now. He loves beer.

McDonalds visit during desperate times - definitely not loving it.

Over it/hating it...anything but loving it.

Whereas a few hours later, the local Italian restaurants brunchetta gets the Leo Smith seal of approval...

...and the other Leo also approves, and takes a picture for future reference.

That's all for today, folks. More tomorrow...