Big news from R1 this week with the addition of two new team riders in the shape of Daryl Dominguez and Jordan Thackeray. Neither of these dudes should need much of an introduction to anyone who pays attention to UK skateboarding but, for the sake of those of you who couldn't tell Tony Hawk from a handsaw - check this link here for more from radical street dancer Daryl Dominguez, and here for rubber limbed free spirit Jordan 'JThaxx' Thackeray and consider yourselves more clued up than you were previously.

Filmed and edited by Alex Diss.

The addition of Daryl and Jordan is the first power-move of new TM James Griffiths who has some big plans for the coming year, hopefully getting back out on the road and banging out some more content with these two, plus legacy R1 riders like the man himself Doug the Slug.

(If for some reason you missed Episode 1 of our Raconteurs piece on Doug McLaughlan - go peep that too via the magic blue text in this sentence)

Seeing as how this welcome clip is filmed at the amazing Essex DIY secret spot 'Delside', now seems like an appropriate time to remind you all that you can support this DIY gem, and help to fund more, by purchasing some goodies from them directly at:

Go drop a couple of nuggets if you can.

Along with the clip that you can see above, here are a couple of photos of the men in question, shot during the process of filming by Griff.

Looking forward to seeing more from this duo because it is finally SUNNY!!!!

Thank God.

Daryl Dominguez and Jordan Thackeray on R1 Photo James Griffiths Jordan Thackeray Stalefish Delside jordanstalefishweb

This guy has no bones I swear. Typically contorted stalefish from JThaxx at Delside.

Photo: Griff

Daryl Dominguez and Jordan Thackeray on R1 Photo James Griffiths Daryl Dominguez Backside Smith daryl-bs-smithweb

Radical street dance ahoy! Mega dipped backsmith from Double D. Photo: Griff