danger dave premiere

Tomorrow night the House of Vans in Waterloo will host the premiere of 'Danger Dave', a film by French director Phillipe Petit starring David Martelleur and featuring Guillaume Mocquin, Alex Giraud, Jerome Campbell and Phil Zwijsen among others:

“Danger Dave" or “The trails and tribulations of a professional skateboarder who is on his last legs yet has no desire to end his career."

For five years a filmmaker explores the fall of a man who is unable to maintain a professional career as his life becomes a downward spiral of parties and debauchery.

Their relationship develops over time, and a character emerges against all odds.

“Danger Dave" or “The uncompromising adventures of a passion lived outside the norm."

Danger Dave Exhibition

Date: 4th December - Thursday

Doors: 7.30pm

Show: 8pm

Close: 10pm