Mark Nicolson and Dan Cates hit some West London crust way back in 1999, sessioning Meanwhile alongside some long-gone cheesegrater 'crete and brickwork whilst on a Death Skateboards filming mission. Get a dose of late 90s nostalgia and clown suit shenanigans down your necks via the press of a play button below, then read Mark's story behind the mission by scrolling further...

"Summer 1999, I was 18 and I had just got sponsored by Death Skateboards. Me and Dan were in full on filming mode to try to get things off the ground video wise, so we took a trip to West London to skate the OG Meanwhile bowls and the other bits and bobs close by.

The firestation banks

Meanwhile 2

and some bank down stairs in Hammersmith I think.

As usual Dan had a plan, to meet photographer Richie Hopson and shoot some photos. So you know Dan had his clown suit in the bag! A true pro!"