So, here it is, the fifth and final installment of Dan Cates epic "Lost in the Wilderness" Death Skateboards summer tour bloggings. See below for the last round of snapshots from the crew, and keep an eye out for more coverage from the tour in the near future.

"Ordinary Madness" - coming soon...

Death-tour-48 The scene of the crime.. Native skateshop.
Death-tour-50.  There's something about hire vans that just makes people want to get on top of them..
Death-tour-51. Rob Smith with a broken leg... Ouch
Death-tour-52. Camping in Sherwood forest was a defenate high point for me
Death-tour-55 Pole jam at the services, quite a find
Death-tour-57 Words fail me.
Death-tour-58. It might be Norfolk, but it's still the sea side.